Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011-2012 Thank You To:

Thank you so much to these generous donors to our PECH Haiti/CS for Haiti 2011-2012 projects!

Our current projects are:

-Construction of the Tabarre Science Academy
-Construction of a vocational high school in Titanyen
-Bathroom project at Gentille Hirondelle elementary school
-Supplies list for Gentille Hirondelle elementary school
-Sponsoring a child to go to school
-Sponsoring an illiterate adult for literacy class

Mick Wong (Gentille Hirondelle elementary school)
Fox Mill Elementary School 5th grade classes (Gentille Hirondelle elementary school)
Fox Mill Elementary School kindergarten classes (Gentille Hirondelle elementary school)
*Montessori Community School 6-9 classes (Gentille Hirondelle elementary school bathrooms)
Sharon Markin and friends (Gentille Hirondelle elementary school)
Bud and Sandy Hartman (Gentille Hirondelle elementary school)
Jessica and Alex Turpin (Switzerland/US) (Gentille Hirondelle elementary school playground equipment)
Kelly Bland, Deidre Goodman, & 5th graders at East View Elementary School, Barbara & Bob Shadwick (recorders)
Julie Thompson and Macnamara Elementary School music teacher Mrs. Cabarari (recorders)
Laura McWhorter, Irene Gordon, Ralph, Lee, Lee's brother, Kelly (used laptops)
Glenisse Dapena, Sheila Smith, Terra MacIssac, Jessie Malkin, Melody Allan, and Jack (children's books)

*Ann Akey (sponsoring a child)
Lisa Akey (sponsoring a child)
Ricardo and Jennifer Villares (sponsoring a child)
*Julie and Geoff Akey (sponsoring a child)
*Susan and John McKee (sponsoring a child)
Lisa Nakata and Lisa Browning (sponsoring a child)
Susan and Jan Whitacre (sponsoring a child)
Cindy Shyne (sponsoring a child)
*Valerie and Derek Poag (sponsoring a child)
Junior Vincent (sponsoring a child)
Bay West Advisors, LLC (sponsoring a child)

Gabi Miyashiro (vocational high school)

*Julie and Geoff Akey (vocational high school)

*MUDEC Alumnus
Hsuan Hawkins
Junior Vincent (US/Haiti)
Urs and Cornelia Isert (Germany)
*Jens Pastille (Germany/Latvia)
Michelle Bartell

Jamie and David Moore (Tabarre Science Academy)
Ashley and Scott LaGanga (Tabarre Science Academy)
*Roy and Margarete Harmon (Tabarre Science Academy)
Carol and Hank Darlington (Tabarre Science Academy)
Diane Pillat (Tabarre Science Academy)
Rich and Dianne Peters (Tabarre Science Academy)
Lorna and Den Moran (Tabarre Science Academy)
*Valerie and Derek Poag (Tabarre Science Academy)
Anne Cormier and Kim Coffman (Tabarre Science Academy)
*Susan and John McKee (Tabarre Science Academy)
*Ann Akey (Tabarre Science Academy)

Terra MacIsaac (adult literacy sponsor)
Casey Kiel (adult literacy sponsor)
Lurana and Sean O'Malley (adult literacy sponsor)
Sheila Smith (adult literacy sponsor)
Jessica and James Hardway (adult literacy sponsor)
*Susan and John McKee (adult literacy sponsor)
*Ann Akey (adult literacy sponsor)
Glenisse and JC Dapena (adult literacy sponsor)
Jessie and Craig Malkin (adult literacy sponsor)
Cindy and Andy Stevenson (adult literacy sponsor)
Tomoko Hotema (adult literacy sponsor)
*Anonymous (adult literacy sponsor)
Kay and Mark Olson (adult literacy sponsor)
*Roy and Margarete Harmon (adult literacy sponsor)
Nilu (adult literacy sponsor)

*denotes $500+ donors for 2012 projects