Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Honolulu and Haiti children share art and frienship

"Thank you" from the children in Haiti
In the spring I brought more than 100 pieces of original artwork beautifully created by Honolulu children to decorate the bare walls of the rebuilt Gentille Hirondelle elementary school outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Although the school in Haiti does not have any art supplies at all (no paper, no markers, no paint, no glue etc...), they invited an art teacher to the school one afternoon to teach some basic techniques and to share their creativity. The teacher brought paper and basic supplies with him and the Haitian children worked together to create some simple art filled with lots of love for their new friends in Hawaii. Here are some of the children at Montessori Community School in Honolulu, Hawaii enjoying their gifts of friendship and appreciation from Haiti.

artwork created by Gentille Hirondelle elementary school children in Haiti

Me (Julie Peters Akey) holding  a Haitian wood carving given from Gentille Hirondelle school in Haiti to Montessori Community School in Honolulu

My Montessori Community School Spanish class students watching their Haitian friends dance to their favorite song in Spanish "Waka Waka"