Thursday, March 31, 2011

Montessori Community School children helping Haiti

Thank you to the elementary school classes at Montessori Community School in Honolulu, Hawaii  for their help with the PECH project!  The 6-9 classes at Montessori Community School donated over $100 to help Gentille Hirondelle school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti!  The donations from the children in Honolulu will purchase school supplies for the children in Haiti.

Montessori children also donated more than 100 children's books to begin a small library at Gentille Hirondelle school. These donations will allow the Haitian children to check out library books for the first time in their life!

In addition, both 6-9 year old classes as Montessori Community School created and laminated original artwork to decorate the rebuilt Haitian school. Your gifts will certainly bring smiles to the faces of the Haitian children!  Some of their world map masterpieces are shown above.  Many other beautiful creations are already packed  in a box ready to go to Haiti, but I promise I'll put pictures of them on this blog when I present your art to the children in Haiti.

Thank you!  Merci!  Mesi! to the teachers (Mr. Mueller, Ms. Susan, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Browning, Ms. Cindy, and Ms. Crystal) for participating in the PECH project. 

Everyone CAN make a difference!  You can too!  Please consider a donation to our project.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update: Roof Construction has Begun!

Great news! We've begun construction on the roof on Gentille Hirondelle School in Tabarre, Haiti! Thanks to those of you who donated to the PECH project, in February, we sent the first check to Haiti so that Evangeline and Mario could purchase materials and begin roof construction on the school! Please check back for progress.

It's not too late to donate! Your donation will help us finish the roof, as well as help purchase desks, chairs, and school supplies for the children at the school.

Let me Introduce Myself (Julie Peters Akey)

Thank you for your interest in the PECH project in Haiti. Let me give you a little bit more information about me for those of you who don"t know me.

Julie Peters Akey
-I spent 9 months working in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1998 with the US Army and I haven't stopped thinking about Haiti since
-My husband and I met in Haiti
-In the Army, I was a French, Spanish, and Arabic translator. I am still fluent in Spanish, and know enough French and Kreyol to get around in Haiti. My Arabic isn't so great anymore though!
-I earned a MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Hawaii Pacific University, a BA in International Studies and a BA in Spanish from Miami University
-I am the owner and director of Sol Spanish School: we teach Spanish language and culture to children & adults in Honolulu, Hawaii
-I am an adjunct Geography instructor at Hawaii Pacific University, but I also teach Spanish to children, English as a Second Language to adults, & am a writing tutor
-I am half way finished writing a book about Haiti
-I'm addicted to traveling and have been to 34 countries