Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sponsored Children Update

While in Haiti a week ago, I met with the children (and their parents) who are being sponsored to attend school. Each child and/or parent wrote a note thanking their sponsor and we took a picture together (here are some of the pictures). The parents are so appreciative. Some of the parents never attended school so couldn't write the letters. When we asked them to write, they looked at us apprehensively, not wanting to admit that they were illiterate, so we offered to write for them. They dictated their letters in either Kreyol or French (often a combination of the two) and we wrote their words for them. It was very moving for me.
Thank you to the sponsors who pay for school for these children who otherwise couldn't attend!
We have several more children on the list waiting for sponsors. Can you sponsor one of them and give them an opportunity for an education in an country where half of all children never attend school?
Costs for the 2012-2013 school year at Gentille Hirondelle elementary school:
    Tuition: $230
    Uniforms: $66
    Books: $75
    TOTAL: $371

Sponsors can choose to only pay for tuition or to also pay for uniform and books.

You can share a child with a friend or coworkers! Please pay via the Paypal link below or contact me at if interested!

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  1. Hi Julie! I'm sending checks today from the Poag ohana (for Dave) and from Bay West (for Ornella) for the 2012-13 school year. Sorry it's taken so long - thanks for your patience AND for everything you do!