Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac just passed over Haiti, and thankfully, damages were not as catastrophic as during previous hurricanes. Unfortunately, the hurricane destroyed a roof on one of the buildings of our school (Gentille Hirondelle elementary school). We are currently seeking donations to help repair the roof. It is too early to get a quote for work, but I estimate repairs will cost about $2,000. Please use the link below to donate to the roof repair fund or to any of our other projects.

Throughout Haiti, electricity is out at 30 out of 32 generating stations around the country, several thousand homes were destroyed, many crops were ruined, and numerous internally displaced persons (IDPs) still living in tents after the earthquake were once again made homeless. This sounds bad, but things could be worse, and I am thankful that few lives were lost.

Thank you for keeping Haiti in your thoughts and prayers!
Damage to the school roof

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